New album The Pessimist is out now!

The secong full lenght disc of Heretic's carrier is out now!

Produced by guitarist Guilherme Aguiar, the album is being distributed by Two Beers Or Not Two Beers Records, from Goiânia, Brazil.

The disc has 11 tracks including a bonus track from Genesis by Ghost and Caravans To Ur by Melechesh. The line up has guitar soloist Luis Maldonalle, Fifas Rules on track Arak on fretless bass and Moyz Henrique playing guitar solos on track Ras Divine Light. Besides being the main composer, guitarist and producer of the band, Guilherme Aguiar has developed all the artwork too, putting the band on another level of music and album concept.

The Pessimist is available on all streaming plataforms and can be online purchased on iTunes Store. For physical orders, please write to Worldwide distribution!

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